Paris Cooking Class: Mastering The croissant

The croissant is becoming a famous breakfast pastry in Paris. Who can resist a delicious dough mixed with layers of margarine or butter? Book a pastry class in Paris with Lefoodist and learn how to prepare tasty pastries. For you to find the best croissants in Paris, you should visit the city’s countless boulangeries. However, the tastiest pastries are those you prepare for yourself.

Delicious Croissant Classes

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At Lefoodist, we offer a three-hour mastering the Croissant class. The cooking class will give you on the necessary skills you need to make your pastries. The instructors will guide you through the measuring, preparing, and folding butter into the dough.

With an instructor, you will learn the tips and tricks of making a fluffy and perfect folded croissant. You’ll also have an opportunity to sample your fresh pastries from an oven creation. After your croissant class, you can eat the pastries with a fruit juice, a cup of coffee or tea. You’ll also take some pastries home, to share with your friends or family in a French style. With a small group of eight people, our instructors will offer personal attention to every member.

Why Lefoodist Mastering the Croissant Class

Classes at Leffodist are fun and engaging. The instructor will guide you from mixing the dough to folding margarine layers. At this cooking class, you’ll also learn the secrets of baking a variety of breakfast pastries such as delicious croissants, pain aux raisins, and pain au chocolat. Additionally, the expert will teach you the sweet pastry cream techniques used in these appetizing delicacies Book an appointment with us for mastering the croissant adventure. Our prices are affordable, and you can choose a class that suits your schedule.

The class is conducted in English, and it takes place in an authentic kitchen. Cooking classes start at 3 pm, from Monday to Thursday. On Saturdays and Sundays, they begin at 10 am.