Croissant and Breakfast Pastry Cooking Class in Paris


Discover the French recipes

Visit Paris and take home the most delicious souvenirs by learning the technique of making croissants and pastries. French people are famous for their cooking but not even many French people master this art of cooking pastries and croissants. In the old days croissants were made from just plain bread dough but in the current world they are made from layered yeast-leavened dough. For sure this is one of the most technical French dough anyone would prepare. You can learn how to do all these on your own by attending a class in Paris.

About the Class

By booking a cooking class in Paris you will have so many things to learn. You will spend some hours in the class with a professional chef who will teach you how to prepare some amazing croissants and pastries. The chef will instruct and direct you through the process of preparing light and crispy croissants that will melt in your mouth. In this croissant class in the French Capital you will get to understand how to make classic butter croissants and pastries. As an added advantage you will also be taught how to make pain au chocolat (croissants filled with chocolate), pain aux raisins, along with pastry cream. There are also many other varieties of croissants you can learn to prepare by attending a cooking class in Paris.

Learn how to make a Real French Croissant and Pastry

You can be part of a private class or you can join a group of other people who are interested to learn French cooking. During the class you get to prepare the croissants on your own but the directions and instructions are issued by the professional chef. After preparing the croissants you get to eat them while seating on a table sharing some stories about French culture. You can also carry some of your creation back home and have your family taste your cooking.