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A French Cooking Holiday with the Foodist

Cooking class Paris

So you’re finally in Paris, the city of romance! Congrats. You are about to fall in love with something else...the food. France boasts of a reputation for some of the best authentic cuisines in the world. Famed for its unique wines, it’s a heaven for wine enthusiast. Taking French cooking classes is a must do for any tourist who wishes to add onto his/her experience while in Paris. If you are the foodie type, get ready to spice up some of your knowledge. It’s time to ‘French it up’!

Cooking Classes in Paris

Registering for a cooking class in Paris ( is not a complicated affair. There are many providers of such classes. First, you could ask your travel agent for some recommendation. However, a casual web search will reveal numerous cooking course providers’. It’s therefore an individual choice to decide what suits you best.

Factors to consider when choosing a cooking class

There are several factors one should consider when choosing a cooking class for instance the duration of your stay. What length of time do you consider favorable? Classes range from hour long to days to even weeks and months. Are you looking for some casual knowledge or something more professional? Secondly, most classes are taught in French. There are however some, albeit smaller, offered in English. Costs also vary from one provider to another. With about seventy Euros, one can find a class for approximately two hours. The quality of instructors varies and one way to be sure is to look at their professional credentials. Be on the lookout for reviews on the internet and what people say about a particular class or instructor.

Beyond Paris

Options are available outside Paris. For this kind of cooking holiday Provence could be a good choice. If you are a home cooking enthusiast, you can enjoy quality home cooking classes in Provence. Most packages include a trip to the market to shop for the necessary ingredients to be used in the cooking. How amazing!